“Take advantage of agriculture to prosper in Ghana” – King of Igbos Featured

Oct 06, 2017

King of the Igbo Community in Ghana has appealed to Nigerians living in the country to venture into large scale farming.
Explaining to the Goldstreet Business on the sidelines of the Igbo day celebration and yam festival in Accra, HRM Ambassador Dr. Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu,Eze Ndi Igbo Ghana, said high investments in agriculture could be beneficial to his compatriots in Ghana.
“It is true that Nigerians, particularly Igbos, are known as businessmen and traders, but I want to encourage my people to venture into large scale agriculture and even export some of the produce back to Nigeria” he said
Investments in agriculture, he observed, is one of the easiest ways to breakeven as there is higher demand for food in the sub region.
Available data shows Ghana spent US$2.2 billion on food import in 2016, while Nigeria’s food import bill is estimated at US$22 billion annually.
Dr. Ihenetu observed that Ghana’s eight million hectares uncultivated arable land could ensure food security when put to use.
He asked Nigerians to endeavor to do legal businesses in Ghana, in order to win the trust of their hosts and people they deal with.
“The most important thing to do in business is to be honest with your customers as you continue to conform to the laws of Ghana. That will make people trust and engage you in business” he noted.
A special guest at the event, Nii Okwei Kinka Dowuona VI, Osu Mantse, urged the Igbo community to continuously contribute to the growth of trade in Ghana.
He explained that, the upsurge of Nigerian businesses in Ghana for several decades has led to job creation for the youth as more Ghanaians have adopted Nigeria’s ‘buy and sell’ business method.
“While doing business in Ghana, always focus on trade and how to succeed. Don’t meddle in Ghanaian politics or vices that contravene the laws of the country” he said

By Wisdom Jonny-Nuekpe