Indian mission in Ghana donates medical items to 37 military hospital Featured

Oct 06, 2017

In aid of bringing Ghanaians, Indians and other experts together, to create awareness of the message of Mahatma Gandhi of non-violence, the Indian High Commissioner in Accra Birender Singh Yadav led members of the Society of Friends of India and community group to make a donation of drugs worth thousands of dollars to the 37 military hospital on behalf of Mahatma Gandhi ward to mark the 148th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi -- also observed as the International Day of Non-violence world wide
Kernel Raymond Ewusi the acting commanding officer at 37 military hospital and his team that received the drug donations on behalf of the hospital, thanked the Indian mission.
The donation followed a Peace Walk from the residence of the Indian High Commission through the Switchback Road and the Liberation Road in Accra and then back to the residence.
Speaking to GoldStreet Business, Yadav said: "The celebration of this day is a holistic view of sustainable development, fitness and peaceful life to reinforce the relevance of the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, many years after his death."
"It reinforces the need for all of us to follow in the belief of Gandhi in a world that is facing a lot of political and security crises," Yadav said adding that "if we follow Gandhi's principles the world will enjoy a lot of peace."
“The world needs peace to help bring about development. We need a safe world so that efforts that will bring about development could be implemented to benefit the vulnerable in society. Without peace, it is only anarchy that will consume the world,” he added
Yadav would, however, not give the exact cost of the drugs, given by Indian companies based in Ghana, calling it a "friendly donation.”

By Salifu Kassum