World Bank predicts positive economic growth for Africa in 2019

Jim Yong Kim, World Bank President

The World Bank has estimated that Africa’s economic growth in 2018 will continue in 2019 in sub-Saharan African countries, averaging 3.6 percent over the next two years.

An economic upturn, despite uneven variations between different countries on the continent. This is reflected in the findings of the 2018 study conducted by the World Bank. The institution forecasts economic growth of 3.6 percent over the next two years.

A slow recovery in the oil-exporting countries of the Central African Monetary and Economic Community still in debt, and stronger in those with low natural resources.

Economic growth, with East Africa at the top of the list in 2018 with one of the best rates, confirming the forecasts announced by the IMF.

This was the best rate of economic growth on the continent, that is, according to the International Monetary Fund’s 2017 estimation.

A challenge taken up by East Africa, which recorded one of the best performances in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth in 2018.

A ranking in which Ethiopia ranks first with 7.8 percent growth, followed by Rwanda with 7.1 percent and then Tanzania 6.7 percent.