Panic withdrawal hits Legacy Capital as customers storm Berekum office to claim cash

Customers of Legacy Capital Savings and Loans in the Bono Region have stormed the bank’s branch at Berekum to claim their funds fearing for the worse.

Sources reaching Gold Street Business indicate that the customers last week approached the bank in the quest to retrieve their deposits/investments but authorities insisted the aggrieved customers had to leave and come for their funds another day.

The April 26 call incensed the customers who vowed to withdraw their savings because they cannot afford to be traumatized as happened with Menzgold, DKM, First Allied Bank customers.

“We will not allow a similar situation like DKM, First Allied Bank, God is Love Fun Club etc, to happen to us also,” they stated.

However, the Area Manager of the bank (Legacy Capital Savings and Loans) in Sunyani has pledged that customers can access their funds on Monday April 29, however stating that fans can only get part of their funds.

By Joe Marfo/Kumasi