Dabo refutes woman’s claim he is father to baby boy he neglects

Akua Adom with the child and Dabo

Pint sized actor of Kumasi made movies; Yaw Dabo has refuted claims by a lady going by the name Akua Adom that he made love to her leading to her birthing a baby boy for him five years ago but because times were hard for the then emerging actor, he asked she catered for the baby while he pursued his acting dream, make it big and then cater for them.

In a video circulating online, Aku Adom submits her mother could no longer cater for the upkeep of the young boy adding she is not in a position to pay the boy’s school fees either hence the public video.

But Yaw Dabo often quoting Christian scripture in his interviews displaying a picture of being guarded and a moralist has hit back submitting he does not know the lady and has no child he has refused to accept.


Dabo believes he is set to be elevated to another level in his acting and personal life hence the smear campaign to discredit him.

Some observers have mentioned the uncanny resemblance Dabo and the supposed son bear but Dabo in a telephone interview stated across countries people have folks who look like them but have nothing in common once again professing his innocence.

Joe Marfo