Louis Wonder holds birthday and Unity Cultural Concert

Management of the Universal Wonderful Street Academy (UWSA) has hosted a unity cultural concert and birthday anniversary for Founder and Director of the academy, Mr. Louis Wonder.

The event which is the first official birthday organized by Louis, is meant to promote unity in the Jamestown community where the school is located and to bring activities of the academy closer to the community and parents of the children.

Some notable groups and personalities including the Ghana Dance Association, Ghana Dance Theatre, volunteers of UWSA as well as friends of Louis, attended the event.

Other artistes and groups who were also given the platform to support the birthday event include, UWSA Senior and Junior Cultural troupe, Hewale Sounds, AfriDanish band, Gamashie Dance Theatre, Susuma Dance Theatre, Bukom Dancehall, Oko Lacy, One Eye, Nii Funny, Abajo and King Jerry.

At the anniversary, children of the academy presented a cake to the Director Louis, in appreciation of how he has played the role of a father, mother and as a great mentor to them.

At the birthday celebration, Louis also introduced African drums like the fontomfrom, atimevu, soglo and etc as the main instruments which has propelled him in his career as an artiste.

Restoration of unity between leaders of Ghana Dance Association

Louis also used the birthday celebration to restore unity between Nii Tetteh and his Vice President Dadzie, over some disagreement that existed between the two in the past.

Louis asked them to remain united in order to promote the future of traditional dance in Ghana as well as to the world.

Upcoming tour of Europe

Speaking on support for the UWSA, Louis explained that he will be embarking on his annual tour of Europe to raise funds for the academy and to meet more people who will be interested in the project.

“It is going to be a three-month tour of Europe and some of the events I’ll be hosting include African music performances and holding drumming workshops for many people of different ages. I will also meet new volunteers and introduce the project to them and tell them about our efforts in making the lives of children better for the future” Louis explained.

During the tour, Louis will also hold discussions with partners of the UWSA abroad on the future growth of the academy and how to make life for the children better.