The 2019 Mercedes Sprinter Can be Whatever You Want it to Be

The Sprinter is about as flexible as any vehicle can get. It’s available in FWD, RWD or AWD formats, and with Panel van, Tourer, pickup, chassis, bus or tractor body styles.

In Europe, engines will range in output from 113 hp to 188 hp, while a 7GTronic automatic and a six-speed manual transmission will available. For FWD models, which won’t be offered in North America, a 9GTronic transmission is offered.

All told, Mercedes says the van is available in more 1,700 different configurations.

The interior is also highly flexible. A standard radio will occupy the dashboard of fleet-operated Sprinters, but buyers of high-end versions, such as the camper van, may want to opt for Mercedes’ new MBUX wide-screen multimedia system. There’s the choice of five different front seats, and for the first time in a Sprinter, the seats have three-way electronic adjustment.

A new communications system will also allow fleet operators to monitor their vans in real-time through a computer software called Mercedes Pro, which is also linked with the vehicle’s GPS system.

In 2019, the standard Sprinter will be joined by the fully electric eSprinter. The electrified van will use the same powertrain as the eVito, which has a range of 93 miles.

Mercedes says the eSprinter is “primarily designed for inner-city operations,” and offers operating costs comparable with diesel commercial vans – albeit without the emissions. The FWD only eSprinter will be offered in a variety of specifications based on range and payload requirements and will be supported by a network of in-house charging stations for the fleet operators.

Like all new vehicles, the Sprinter comes with a large variety of safety systems. Mercedes’ Distance Controlsystem can and keep a safe distance from the car ahead in highway driving scenarios and apply the brakes when needed, reducing workload for fleet drivers. There’s also lane keep assist, a ‘Parking package’ with a 360-degree camera, speed-sensitive adaptive steering, driver attention assist and brighter LED headlamps.

The 2019 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter will make its official, in-person debut in Geneva next month.