Adopt digitisation to improve businesses …Insurance Brokers urged

Insurance brokers have been urged to adopt digitisation as a tool to improve businesses and customer satisfaction in the country

President of the Ghana Insurance Brokers Association (GIBA), Mrs Lena Adu-Kofi addressing delegates at the association’s 5th Annual Conference and Exhibition held in Takoradi, charged operators to embrace digital transformation and innovation in the face of global trends in doing business.

She explains that, innovation comes with convenience and efficiency in effecting desired changes and results at all facets of operation.

“Effective marketing is connecting with your audience at the right place and time, meaning meeting them where they are already spending their time. The emergence of several technologies and innovations has vastly affected the lifestyle of the entire world.

“The world has gone digital, making it imperative for every business, small or big to embrace digitization. Thus, a call to embrace digital transformation and innovation in insurance business is simply a step in the right direction.”

Mrs. Adu-Kofi added the lower market penetration of insurance could equally be improved, if main industry players educate clients and Ghanaians on insurance, as well as utilize digitized tools to market products and services.

“With the low level of insurance penetration in the country, the main industry players have greater responsibility of educating majority of Ghanaians and also marketing our various products and services, leaving us with no option than to go digital – the new market place”, she explained.

She opines the digital world has the traffic industry needed, stressing, operators must chance on technologies available and tailor them to meet the needs of our local insurance market.

Special guest of honour Nana Kobina Nketsia V, the Omanhene of Essikado, recounted the need to adopt technological innovation to the insurance business.

“How does one contribute to insuring Ghana as a nation, how do we insure our communities and the resources richly endowed by providence, how do we insure the resources for those coming after us”, he questioned.

He however noted the innovation should not be limited to the digitization in the insurance business but also include measures targeted at improving customer satisfaction.

“The right use of technology serves as a viable and necessary asset. You either digitize or be left behind. You either use technology or technology uses you. If you allow technology to use you, then you are not in the insurance business but rather moving into assurance of your failure and your demise,” he stressed.