Donewell Insurance launches 25th anniversary celebration

Management and staff of Donewell Insurance Company have outlined activities to mark the company’s 25 years of existence in the insurance industry.

The anniversary was launched on the back of the company’s promise, to continuously deliver exceptional services to enhance trust and confidence from stakeholders in the sector.

The theme for the celebration: ’25 years of Donewell; enhancing trust and confidence’, depicts the company’s commitment in ensuring an appreciable coverage of products and packages offered to its customers.

Addressing dignitaries at the event, Donewell’s CEO, Mr Seth Aklasi, mentioned prompt payment of claims, excellent customer and client services and best practices in line with expected standards, have been the hallmark of Donewell since its inception.

“The objectives of the anniversary is to celebrate the Ghanaian success story, celebrate innovation, and appreciate the support of stakeholders and to give back to society,” he stated.

Chairman of the company, Prof. Ato Essuman, expressed concerns on how Donewell could continuously maintain and consolidate its success in the industry.

He indicated, “We must ensure high standards throughout the company in order to continue our success 25 years from now.”

Such standard, Prof Essuman explained, include the utilization and adoption of new technologies to identify consumer trends and client behaviour and the reliance on good corporate culture.

“To build a great company, we will continue to be honourable and fair to everyone irrespective of their position, with the same commitment to our staff through the company’s good corporate culture,” he averred.

Originally incorporated as Methodist Mutual Insurance Company Limited in Ghana on November 3, 1988, the name was later changed by a special resolution to Donewell Insurance Company Limited (DICL) in 1992.

The company received its operating license from the NIC on February 26, 1993 in accordance with PNDC Law 227 and commenced business on March 3, 1993.

By Wisdom Jonny-Nuekpe