2 arrested over rosewood

Logs of the Rosewood

Despite efforts to contain the felling of rosewood in the Nanumba South District, some unscrupulous persons continue the act of indiscriminate tree felling and smuggling to make money.

A chairman of a task force set up to counter the deeds of the illegal operators told the media his team got wind of another operation but when they got to the scene, the operators had fled.

However at 11:00pm two culprits came to the Assembly Member to confess their act whereupon they were taken to the police station.

Member of the District Assembly, Mr. Yahaya expressed worry about the illegal tree felling saying GHS2billion is lost to the state.

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A ban on the felling, harvesting and exportation of rosewood was issued in 2014 to contain the massive exploitation of the wood which grows well in Brong-Ahafo, Upper East, Upper West and Northern Regions.

Even companies whose permits have expired continue to operating after the date.

Rosewood is a finely grained timber used mainly for the production of very expensive furniture for the elite class in Asia. It is used also for making chess pieces, parts of other creative and musical instruments, and as such very highly prized in Asian countries, particularly China.  China alone imports close to 96% of all rosewood lumber exported out of Ghana.

Michael Eli Dokosi/goldstreetbusiness.com