60% of electrical cables on the market fail quality test – GSA

Prof. Alex Dodoo, GSA Director General

Director-General of the Ghana Standards Authority, Prof. Alex Dodoo has announced that his outfit is set to ensure standards for electrical cables and gadgets are strictly observed in the country.

This follows a test conducted on electrical materials on the market in which 60% failed the safety and quality test. The Director-General observed the failure has exposed the country’s weakened infrastructure base adding it was a wake up call to do what is right.

Prof. Alex Dodoo submitted while importers of such electrical gadgets will be made to only bring into the country standardised cables, block manufacturers will be shown the type of blocks to mold or make as pertains in other countries where there’s no need for adapters.

He acknowledged some importers might not genuinely know the difference between a standardised product and sub-standard versions adding the Standards Authority intends partnering with the Information Ministry to educate and enlighten citizens.

The threat posed by using inferior cables in building includes frequent fire outbreaks which is common in the country.