Effectiveness of professional bodies pivotal for national dev’t – IoD

Rockson Dogbegah, President of IoD Ghana

The Institute of Directors (IoD) Ghana, is entreating various professional groups and associations in the country to institute effective measures that will better connect Africans in the diaspora who coming to Ghana to participate in the Year of Return, with the acceptable social values.

“The fundamental question is, what are our fellow Africans in the diaspora coming home to?  Are they coming home to a public and civil service which is ridden with partisan politics or one which executes its mandate with the highest professional standard”, Rockson Dogbegah, President of the Institute queried

This was during an event organized by the Chartered Institute of Administrators and Management Consultants – Ghana (Ciamc-G) in Accra.

“I urge you to reflect on ways to practically champion the missions and visions of our institutions and professional bodies as well as that of the Public and Civil Service of finding effective ways to dealing with some teasing issues affecting the country”, he reiterated.

According to him, it is important various professional groups join hands to deal effectively with some key issues affecting the country such as indiscipline and poor corporate governance practices among others in a non-partisan manner

Since the role of professional administrators and management consultants are considered as integral to the success or otherwise of any institution, usually, people expect some high quality of delivery from them.

Hence, Mr. Dogbegah charged chartered administrators and consultant as well as all professional groups to be poised at delivering good professional services, adding that Ghana strives to achieve various milestones like making Accra the cleanest city in Africa by 2020, achieving Ghana beyond aid among others, if professional bodies play pivotal roles towards its achievements.

“Let the leadership of our professional institutions uphold the tenets of sound corporate practices and push the frontiers of professionalism to a new level by setting the pace for all professionals and individuals to follow”, Mr. Dogbegah said.