Inlaks Ghana moves to new office space to support growth

Inlaks new office premises

Inlaks, a leading system integrator in Sub-Saharan Africa has announced its movement into a new office space at 42, Giffard Road, East Cantonments, Accra to accommodate its rapid growth.

The new office space reflects Inlaks’ innovative company goals that focuses on delivering quality customer service and increased efficiency for all business units.

“This is an exciting time for Inlaks and marks a huge milestone for the company. Our employees and customers will all benefit from the opportunities this expansion presents”, said Inlaks Executive Director, Olufemi Muraino.

“This move represents an exciting development for Inlaks, and we would not be here today without our strong customer b+ase and strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in Ghana”, he added.

The new office space reinforces Inlaks’ innovative culture and focus on making the organisation a great place to work. The facility features telepresence-enabled conference rooms and stations where teams can collaborate on solutions with colleagues in the office, customers and partners.

“Our new office is an open, collaborative space allowing for a better work environment for current and future staff, as we continue to innovate products and services that exceed our customers’ expectations and accelerate growth in the ICT industry.

Inlaks is a leading system integrator in Sub-Saharan Africa. The company collaborates with leading OEMs in the technology industry to provide world-class information technology solutions that exceed the needs of customers.

Over the years, Inlaks has built a reputation as the foremost ICT and Infrastructure Solutions Provider, helping customers effectively seize new market and service opportunities.

With an impressive customer base that includes six Central Banks in West Africa and other major customers in the region, Inlaks has become the dominant Information Technology Company in Africa.

Inlaks’ customers cut across various segments including Banking, Telecommunication, Oil/Gas, Power, Utilities and the Distribution sectors of the economy.