Local businesses partner StarTimes to promote local content

A substantial number of local businesses have shown interest in partnering StarTimes to enhance the promotion of more interesting local content programmes.

This is seen as encouraging in the industry in the sense that in recent times, some industry players have cried fowl over the kind of programmes being promoted on television, which they said such television programmes and soaps are geared towards promoting much of foreign culture, rather than enhancing local content.

Speaking to the Goldstreet Business during the official launch of Journey to the West – Season 2 in Twi – a Chinese folktale that talks about the adventure of the Monkey King’s 13-year pilgrimage to the West and his disciples whom he picks along the way, Head of Marketing at StarTimes, Akofa Djankui said the programme is aimed at promoting local language and give the needed platform for the local producers and movie industry players to showcase what they can offer in terms of capabilities.

“Whiles you prepare to watch the Monkey King, StarTimes is also offering its viewers the opportunity to enjoy free subscription. Just pay two months subscription for the super bouquet and enjoy 15 days viewing in addition to your purchase”, she reiterated.

Journey to the West

According to service provider, the programme seeks to offer a throwback special to older generation to recall all the childhood memories and bring back nostalgic memories of the early 1990’s and introduce the younger generation to some fun they missed out.

The broadcaster will begin airing the programme starting from tomorrow June 4th, 2019 on Ghanaian specific channel, Adepa TV at 8pm.