Meqasa, GAR unveils MLS for estate brokers and agents

Premier property website, Meqasa is partnering the Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers (GAR), to create the first multiple listing service (MLS) in Ghana.

The MLS database allows access to information for GAR members, both brokers and agents, making it easier to transact business and share information on listed properties in the database. “This basically means agents can market other people’s properties in an effort to close more deals and share the commission among themselves” Kelvin Nyame, CEO of told Goldstreet Business.

The emergence of the MLS platform also makes it easier to track real estate brokerage business trends while helping potential tenants to save time and ease stress in search for properties to rent. “If you contact one agent using the MLS platform, you know there is a very high possibility of getting the property,” Nyame added.

A co-founder of GAR, Hanna Atiase, said the MLS provides exclusivity to brokers and agents more than an ordinary online platform. “This is because the platform is regulated by rules set by GAR and Meqasa. It further assures the public of credibility since every real estate professional using MLS is verified by the association,” she explained.

Mr. Christian Nii Kpakpo Abossey, P.R.O GAR, said the two entities decided to create MLS to ease persistent challenges confronting tenants and agents in finding and listing properties. The initiative he said, will definitely prevent information on available real estate being sought from the wrong people. Through the collaboration, Meqasa will organise training courses for agents to understand how the MLS platform works and how it must be used.

By Wisdom Jonny-Nuekpe