Sachet water moves from GHS0.20p to GHS0.30p from Nov. 12

A sachet water producing factory

National Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers (NASPAWAP) president; Magnus Nunoo has disclosed his association has upped the price of sachet water bags taking effect from November 12.

He noted a bag of water will now be selling for GHS5.00-GHS6.00 at affluent suburbs while going for GHS3.50peswewas to GHS4.50pesewas at deprived areas. The reflection in units is that you can buy a water sachet for GHS0.30p from the previous price of GHS0.20p from Monday.

A male consumer sipping sachet water

The water head blamed rising utility charges and the increase in a litre of fuel from GHS3.00 to GHS5.00 for contributing to the price adjustment adding; “the increased prices will have taken effect in January this year had government not slightly reduced the electricity tariff but the cost of doing business by our members has gone by a staggering by 60%.”

Key in the production of sachet water, rubber or ‘rolls’,  the president further stated had seen a spike in import cost; a factor which has made it prudent to increase the water cost despite the impact on consumers.

Michael Eli Dokosi/