Steps underway to upscale trust between public, insurers

Considerable steps are being considered to address the low level of insurance penetration in the country which would in turn lead to maintaining and upscaling the trust between the public and insurers.

This initiative is under the auspices of Integrity Magazine – a bi-monthly magazine, in collaboration with representatives from the National Insurance Commission (NIC), State Insurance Company (SIC), Chartered Insurance Institute of Ghana (CIIG) as well as Ghana Insurers Association (GIA).

The engagement dubbed: Insurance Business Breakfast Meeting, which is scheduled for 9th August, 2019 is aimed at building a sense of trust between the public and insurance companies as well as providing a platform for some key reforms to be instituted in the sector.

Addressing the media last Thursday in Accra, the Editor-in-Chief of Integrity Magazine, Rev. Kennedy Okosun said there is a sense of suspicion and mistrust of insurers by the public and that very few people resort to insurance as a safety measure for their valuables.

“Insurance should not be left to only those perceived to be wealthy or have the means to do so. There is the need for continuous public sensitization in the process”, he noted

The event will be organized on the theme “maintaining the fiduciary relationship between the insured public and their insurers”.