Total exports of US$12.54 billion against debt stock of GHc170.8 billion recorded

The Bank of Ghana has released a summary of economic figures showing Ghana, as at October 2018 had recorded total exports of US$12.54 billion.

Gold offered the highest revenue of US$4.7 billion with oil bringing in US$3.83 billion while cocoa exports fetched US$1.67 billion.

Total Non-Performing Loans (NPLs) increased marginally to 20.1 percent in October, after dropping to 20 percent the preceding month while total deposits of all banks remained at GHc67.5 billion in nominal terms, but increased by 20.9 percent on a year on year basis.

The country meanwhile added GHc11.4 billion to its debt stock between July and August 2018 with the total debt stock reaching GHc170.8 billion as at September 2018. As a percentage of GDP, the debt represents 57.2 percent.

The country also within the period accumulated an external debt component of GHc86.6 billion, while the domestic debt component reached Ghc84.2 billion.