Vivo Energy introduces Shell SELECT Generation 5 and YAH restaurant

Vivo Energy has partnered with YAH, a frozen treat shop, to inaugurate the new shop format – the Shell SELECT Generation 5.

The shop which is located at the Odorkor West Shell service station, is an enhancement of Shell’s current formats, designed to create a distinctive look in a warm and inviting environment for customers.

Addressing dignitaries at the facility’s opening, Managing Director of Vivo Energy Ghana, Mr. Ben Hassan Ouattara, said the shop is in line with the company’s objective to continually lead the way in convenience retail offers, by introducing new products and services to stay meaningful and relevant to customers’ changing needs.

He said the new Shell SELECT format is designed to serve various customer requests and to address their changing shopping needs.

“Customers who want to take a quick break to have a soft drink or water; grab something to eat on the go; or do some top-up shopping are encouraged to turn to our new Shell SELECT store for a delightful experience. These new formats and offers are aimed at making our customers’ journeys go well,” added Mr. Ouattara.

Touching on the partnership with YAH, Mr. Ouattara noted that the partnership is aimed at giving customers exciting experiences by providing them with a delicious array of food and snack offers for a more relaxed, fruitful journey.

He said Vivo Energy’s business has strong health, safety, security and Environment (HSSE) standards at its core, and therefore urged the company’s service stations and YAH staff to uphold these standards.

On his part, the CEO of YAH, Richard Sakyi, said the opening brings the number of YAH restaurants at Shell’s service stations to a total of four.

The partnership, which began two years ago according to Mr. Sakyi, has given the YAH brand more visibility in terms of product offerings, and “we believe that with time, as people come into any of the Shell shops, it becomes a one-stop place. This will cut off the stress of finding food to eat”.