Watch out for expired products this festive period – FDA

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By: Michael Eli Dokosi   

Head of Communication at the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA); James Lartey in anticipation of the festive period has called on importers to desist from bringing into the country unwholesome goods and products which will harm the citizenry.

Mr. Lartey also urged consumers to be alert during the festive period checking dates of products they buy lest unscrupulous persons sell rice, oil, frozen chicken and others which have already expired or have days to expire.

“Importers must know that items they import must have 2/3 of shelf life intact as they arrive in the country from country of origin. Retailers and wholesalers must also take the necessary measures set aside or inform consumers about products which have 3 weeks to 1 month to expire so consumers can make the choice to buy or decline,” Mr. Lartey stressed.

He further warned consumers to avoid products which show date tampering adding since the FDA does not allow products with no English labelling into the country when consumers come across such products with French, Arabic labelling without English inscription attached, they ought to know the product had been smuggled into the country and not safe for use.

Buying and consuming expired or near expired products have major health implications as well as economic dimensions. Falling ill and having to spend money on recovery has cost implications as productive hours are lost too. The more reason why everyone must be alert heading to Christmas and the New Year.