Secrets in building wealth with cryptocurrencies-part 1

    I believe you have followed through the guided education given here the past weeks and I will continue by showing you how to build the real deal with cryptocurrencies.
    Anyone who bought any good cryptocurrency 3 years ago has grown his money by at least 2,000%. No doubt about that. If you bought any of these cryptocurrencies Doge coin, Litecoin and Bitcoin you would have grown your money by that percentage. I just made these examples so that you know we have other cryptocurrencies and not Bitcoin. As I keep emphasizing, Bitcoin is not the superior cryptocurrency. It has the title as the father of cryptocurrencies but there are better cryptocurrencies coming up thank to the power of blockchain.

    Building your wealth with cryptocurrencies is straight forward and I will be so straight about it. Buy the good ones now and hold or keep it for 2-5 years. That is it.  Yes it is that simple. Take a look at people who were able to hold their cryptocurrencies for several years, most of them are millionaires and their monies have grown exponentially. This is what we called in the cryptocurrency sphere and HODL. Meaning Hold for the long term. If you commit yourself to the long term of cryptocurrencies which has the technology backing it, you are going to gain immensely with your wealth. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile and they can give you some heartaches if you follow the bad news. Since it is a disruptive technology, it is not getting any good reviews from banks or institutions that are threatened with this technology. Confidently I am so bullish on cryptocurrencies and the projects that are currently coming up gives me every indication that it is here to stay. Developers, programmers and communities alike are interested in the transparent and decentralized nature of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies are going to play a huge and massive role in implementations. In the foreseeable future everything you can think about with technology will be running on the blockchain. E.g. Air ticketing, contract agreements, real estate, medical information, voting systems, social media etc.

    The future is now and in other to grow your wealth for the long term as an investor, worker or any profession you are is to be very fast and quick to make that informed decision to start buying cryptocurrencies now. Stack them up and do what you know how to do best. In my next article I will write about securing your cryptocurrencies so you can be well protected against hackers and phishing codes that steal your money.

    Making it long term means buying good cryptocurrencies now. This is not rocket science. It is a simple rule and all can do it. Africa needs millionaires to undertake developmental projects, Ghana needs millionaires to turn fortunes around, take the opportunity the internet provides through cryptocurrencies and be that millionaire we all want to have. Any guidance on the best cryptocurrencies to have in your portfolio, I will be glad to help.

    You can do it. Buy and Hold. In 3 years we will have a great toast of wine to success and prosperity.

    By Paa Kwesi Menz