Where to Spend It

AB Cuisine’s snacks and Frozen Fantasies icy delight

AB Cuisine has come up for praise for its mouthwatering meals and snacks as well as its workers attention to customer care.

Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, AB Cuisine has stimulating options for patrons. Little wonder then that it is referred to as ‘Aduane Papa Fie.’

For events, corporate catering also AB Cuisine handles orders with positive feedback from clients.

Believing everything tastes better on a skewer; AB Cuisine has sausage skewers, pork khebab and other options.

Starters: spring rolls, samosa, buffalo wings

Breakfast: pinkaso (Ghanaian fried dumpling), koose, Hausa koko, bofrot (doughnut)

Main meal: Fufu with light soup, beef fried rice, jollof rice, steamed broccoli, mixed green salad, potato salad, grilled chicken, fried fish, black chili sauce, tomato sauce, kelewele, yam balls, spaghetti stir fry and beef sauce which pairs nicely with rice or noodles.

Even with a meagre budget, AB Cuisine delivers exceptional results. It’s not only great food AB focuses on but also top of the range quality packaging and service. AB also caters for funeral events and anniversaries.

Frozen Fantasies

Frozen Fantasies is into the business of selling iced cream, sandwiches, juices as well as smoothies.

Being ever the fluid business unit, the Frozen Fantasies folks also sells Jollof Rice with Crispy Chicken which comes with free ice cream dessert at GHc15.00.

The outfit also operates a delivery service at moderate charge. The frozen folks located at Nima have experimented with fruits resulting in the Frozen Mix Berries Always which can be taken-in or taken-away.

There is Frozen Sobolo with low sugar, Frozen Pine & Frozen Melon all fresh & natural. There is also the island of milk & chocolate and avocado sandwich.

Frozen Fantasies’ sandwich wraps, fresh juice, fries & crispy chicken are all fan favourites.