German author Astrid Esser to write book on UWSA

Astrid Esser in a group photo with management and children of the UWSA after a community tour of Jamestown

A German author, teacher and philanthropist, Astrid Esser is partnering the Universal Wonderful Street Academy (UWSA) to document activities of the academy in an upcoming book.

The book, according to Astrid Esser, will contain happenings in the UWSA, lessons, and all activities being undertaken by children of the academy as well as the community they live in, as well as their daily interactions both in the school and at home.

The book which is expected to be ready by August this year, will first be written in German and later translated into English and Spanish.

According to Astrid, part of proceeds from the sale of the book will be used to support the academy’s activities in Ghana as fundraising events will also be held in Germany to enable people to buy and read the book.

“This academy really need great support and the book will solicit such support particularly from my home country in Germany. I have decided to do a children’s book with photos so that it becomes easy to understand by anybody. The book will probably be 48-50 pages”, Astrid said.

Astrid interacting with parents of some of the children in their community

Meanwhile, Founder of the Universal Wonder Street Academy, Louis Womder Doe, expressed his excitement towards the initiative by Astrid and said the academy is grateful for the massive support.

“I met Astrid in Germany during my drum workshop and since then she has been very supportive of the project in Ghana. We are grateful to her for visiting the academy and spending time in the classroom with the children and taken time to know the community in which they live. We also thank her in advance for the upcoming book” Louis said.

The UWSA located in Jamestown in Accra has for the past eight year been providing free tuition in arithmetic, English language, vocational skills and lessons in African drumming and dancing to the over 200 children in Jamestown and its environs.

The academy also provides free meal and free medical care to the children and this basically means a lot of support is needed from philanthropists and donors.