Kokomlemle fire outbreak contained by swiftness of fire men

Firemen battle flames at Kokomlemle behind the City Light building

A major fire outbreak was averted at Kokomlemle in Accra today when a fire tender was swiftly dispatched to contain the raging fire which broke out in a two wooden structure housing two families.

Residents say the fire broke out at about 12:40 after noon when fire ignited in one of the wooden structures serving as accommodation space for a family. The shouts of residents woke a male in the other structure who escaped unhurt before the fire spread to where he was sleeping.

With the outbreak on top of the one storey building which serves as a warehouse and store at the Police Barracks area also known as ‘Mogyabeyedom’ or Olympic Lane.

No lives were lost although the inhabitants of the two wooden structures will have to find another accommodation. The firemen who say they were from the headquarters deserve praise for acting   the ordinary men who battled the flames with buckets of water before the Fire Service arrived cannot be ignored.

By: Michael Eli Dokosi/goldstreetbusiness.com