Delivering accurate medical diagnostics, when your life depends on it 

When one is enumerating the number of foreign investments in Ghana, Sunshine Healthcare Ltd., SHL, is not one venture that many remember. The facility, a state of the art medical imaging, laboratory and medical centre has connections with a reputable corporate group from India where the promoters come from.

With an initial investment of US$2.6m, much more has been added to that, to raise the standard to a level that Ghana can be proud of. Many lives have been saved in the short span of seven years by the facility which started at La, Accra before moving to the present 83A, Senchi Street, Airport Residential Area, opposite the Association International School, Accra.

SHL has remained focused on its primary mission of providing high quality health care including a wide range of laboratory services, Medical Imaging/scans and specialist consultation services, thus  becoming the healthcare provider of choice for patients.

By deploying the latest equipment in medical imaging, scan and laboratory services, SHL, according to the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, Mr. Bernard M. Joseph, has the capability to provide the required medical diagnostics needed in an emergency medical situation and is thus able to save lives.

“In every emergency situation, a doctor needs to have results within one to three hours which in medical terms we call ‘golden hours’, results that will enable the doctor take decisions that will stabilize the patient while a final solution is being sought.

“In case of a stroke or accident, what is needed immediately is MRI or CT scans to determine the internal injuries and that result will guide the doctors” he explained.

Explaining further he said, even if the patient has to be flown out of the country for treatment, SHL’s scans and accurate reports help in determining the extent of the injury and helps the doctor to stabilize the patient before being flown out for specialized care.

With well-trained, highly qualified radiologists, laboratory technicians, radiographers and other specialists like Neurologists, Neurosurgeons, Pediatricians, Gynaecologists, Cardiologists, ENT surgeons, Orthopedicians, Endocrinologists, Chest physicians, Physicians and Surgeons, SHL aims to provide quality healthcare (Diagnostics and Treatment) to all Ghanaians and Expats.

Unlike many providers of such services who close their doors on weekends and public holidays, SHL runs a 24/7 service for medical emergencies like road traffic accidents and stroke, as their activities are underpinned by an unwritten law which says lives must not be lost needlessly.

Based on that philosophy, most laboratory tests can be concluded and results delivered within an hour.

“We have made a good investment and have created a huge capacity to handle any kind of medical emergency diagnostics and are able to provide complementary services to many medical institutions, clinics and laboratories. Many of our partner institutions depend on us for some tests especially when it comes to timeliness and accuracy.

Outside that, the facility has special treatment packages under which one could walk to the laboratory and ask for a medical checkup and one is sure of receiving the best care as doctors are always on call to interpret and advise the patient accordingly and professionally.

One thing too that SHL stands for is the accuracy of their laboratory/scan reports because they can boast of some of the best equipment available worldwide, like the latest 1.5 Tesla MRI scan which produces good images with a clear resolution, enabling doctors to make accurate diagnosis. Patients’ time in the MRI is drastically reduced thus improving compliance with more comfort.

Medical Imaging/Scans include Radiological services which comprise of MRI and CT scans, Digital x-ray, Colour Doppler USG – DVT & Arterial, ECG and Echo. Others are TMT, Holter, Mammogram, CT/MRI Angiograms and Carotid scan.

For laboratory services the facility is able to do most Biochemistry, Immunology, Serology, Microbiology, Haematology and Pathology tests with the results being available within an hour or two.

In addition, SHL provides preventive health screening packages, pre/post-employment health screening packages and corporate health screening packages.

SHL is of the firm opinion that its world class healthcare facilities should be accessable and affordable to every citizen and Expat living in Ghana.

Sunshine Healthcare Ltd