ISMI tackles maritime narcotrafficking in the Gulf of Guinea

The Inter-regional Institute for Maritime Safety and Security (ISMI) has organized the 2017 maritime narcotrafficking seminar in Abidjan.

The event, which took place from March 6-9, was meant to monitor narcotic trafficking in countries within the borders of the Gulf of Guinea.

A statement issued by ISMI indicated that the seminar responded to the needs expressed by the States of the Gulf of Guinea in the maritime safety and security domain and maritime law enforcement.

The seminar presented guidelines for judicial and operational procedures that will benefit the States of the Gulf of Guinea under the management of the Interregional Coordination Center (ICC).

It was to enhance cooperation between countries particularly the public agencies as well as establish a mapping of threats and their consequences.

The statement added that the seminar also identified all kinds of responses by way of improving governance, law enforcement, technical and operational means within the various countries.

The programme included a high level attendance and French advisers from ISMI as well as the supports of technical and scientific expert from the Ivorian Police, a trainer from GoGin (European program) and a French adviser of the Ivorian Navy Headquarters.

Speakers debated and shared experiences with participants who were from civil agencies as well as the military from ECCAS and ECOWAS, and from the various entities of the Yaoundé architecture- ICC, Multipurpose Coordination Centers (MCC).