50 percent of women required to represent government leadership – SHEROES Foundation

Flossy Tachie-Menson, Co-Founder of SHEROES Foundation

The SHEROES Foundation has proposed that 50 percent of women should be represented and involved in the social, political and governmental decision-making processes that steer growth and development.

According to the Foundation, there is established and growing evidence that women’s leadership in these processes greatly improves them, while offering them opportunities to champion socio-economic change.

Sadly, that deficit has not been fully addressed.

A United Nations Women report shows that, as of June 2017, only two countries have 50 percent or more women in parliament in single or lower houses.

It noted that only 13 percent of women in Sub-Saharan Africa demonstrate political leadership by working across parties.

Flossy Tachie-Menson, Co-Founder of SHEROES Foundation observed that by championing issues of gender equality, including the elimination of gender-based violence, gender-equality laws, childcare, pensions and electoral reform, women will not only have a representation but bridge the deficit created.

‘’There is no doubt that a colossal shift from the status quo has become imperative, and countries across the world, especially Ghana, needs to become more active in balancing the gender ratio in the social, political and governmental decision-making processes’’

‘’A diverse social and political leadership translates into diverse polices that are representative of its people,’’ she added.

Tachie-Menson made this known at the fifth edition of the International SHEROES Forum in Accra, May 17.

She noted that as more female representation occurs in the decision making processes, it will offer role models to young girls, who currently feel dissuaded from entering any social or political space.

‘’It is time to get serious about grooming a whole new generation of young, ambitious, and intelligent women to start filling in the spaces for social and economic change.’’

She proposed that, however women choose to express their leadership qualities, it should connect, educate and inspire other women to harness opportunities and resources.

The International SHEROES Forum, held under theme; ‘Women’s Leadership: Honoring the Past, Treasuring the Present and Shaping the Future’ saw a host of women leaders from Ghana and neighbouring West African countries come together to share knowledge, best practices and networking opportunities.

By Mawuli Y Ahorlumegah