Administrators called to enhance professional practice

Professionals of the Chartered Institute of Administrators and Management Consultants (CIAMC) have been called upon to enhance their practice through branding, ethical discipline and networking.

This call was made at the Institute’s 18th Graduation and Induction ceremony, dubbed; “Enhancing Professional through Branding, Ethical Discipline and Networking,” by the Guest Speaker, Mr. Charles Kwening, PH.D.

“Enhancing professional practice through branding, ethical discipline and networking cannot be overemphasized and it must be in the heart of all practicing administrators and management consultants,” Mr. Kwening said.

He noted that the growth and development of the government and the private sector in Ghana is replete with notable contributions by the CIAMC professionals.

Mr. Kwening said, “it is from this benchmark that you are inducted today to champion the path of integrity, promote excellence and ensure professionalism in administration and management consultancy practice.”

The successful development of your career evolves around branding, ethical discipline and networking, Mr. Kwening said.

Brands are an omnipresent and complex phenomenon; they penetrate almost every aspect of our life: economic, social, cultural, sporting, and even religion. Branding can be simply defined as one’s effort to enhance the organization’s image, grow clientele numbers, and increase revenues.

He indicated that ethical discipline is an essential tool to guard the newly inducted graduands of ClMAC-G professional membership and as such, moral reasoning must be the foundation for ethical decision-making.

“The capacity to engage in purposeful deliberation forms the building blocks and serves as an essential antecedent to ethical teaching and practice of CMMC-G” he asserted. “Integrity, trustworthiness and top-quality services should all be your hallmarks as new members of CIAMC-G.”

He encouraged the new graduands to stand tall, act firmly, and hold strongly on ethical believes without wavering on issues of principles.

Networking is the process of interacting with others to exchange information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions and develop professional or social contract.

“The key point of networking is the cultivation of productive relationships for business, teamwork, customers Ind groups having a common interest. The essential goal of networking is to enhance growth and to help the group manage themselves successfully,” Mr. Kwening stated.