Brazil to host 26th int. agric fair this year

Pic: A simple but efficient agriculture machine.

The 26th edition of the world famous Brazil agricultural fair will be held in Ribeirao Preto in the state of Sao Paulo, from April 29th to May 3rd 2019.

The fair officially known as ‘Agrishow or Agric Trade Technology Fair,’ is the biggest and most important agricultural technology trade show in Brazil and one of the three largest in the world.

Towards this end, a stakeholder briefing was held by the Brazilian Embassy in Ghana for agribusiness investors and other interest groups.

The fair which is the only trade show that brings together agricultural solutions for all types of crops and property sizes is recognized as the launching stage for the main technological trends and innovations in agribusiness.

It also exposes Brazil’s deep knowledge in the development of quality agriculture using appropriate and modern technology.

Taking the participants through the programme, the Counsellor of the Brazilian Mission, Mr. Cristiano Rabelo indicated that, Brazil has become an important global producer and exporter of agricultural products adding that, today the country is the world’s largest producer of orange juice, coffee and sugar, and the second largest producer of soybean.

“Brazil possesses approximately 251 million hectares of arable land, of which 66 million (26%) is allocated to crops, and 185 million hectares (74%) are used for pastures. Added to these, the country counts on regular rainfall, abundant solar energy and nearly 12% of all fresh water available on Earth, having excellent conditions for the development of agribusiness, which is currently one of the main drivers of the Brazilian economy.” Rabelo disclosed.

He further disclosed that Brazilian agriculture is one of the least subsidized in the country as farmers do not receive subsidies adding that the country’s agricultural practices are environmentally friendly while energy supply is one of the cleanest.

According to the organizers those invited to the fair will are farmers, growers, agronomists, cooperatives, technicians, farmer managers, agribusiness entrepreneurs, cattle breeders, veterinarian, zoo technicians, self-employed entrepreneurs are invited.

Ghanaian industrialists and those intended to establish agribusiness/technology and are in need of professional guidance, are encouraged to participate in this all important fair in Brazil.  Intended participants could contact