Animal Research Institute gets New Director

Dr Ebenezer Ansa

The Animal Research Institute of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) on Friday held an induction ceremony for a new Director.

Dr Ebenezer Ansa, a principal research scientist in CSIR, comes on board with 18 years of national and international research experience.

He said his vision is to increase productivity through team work and take on an aggressive marketing drive to improve the visibility of the Animal Research Institute.

“The Animal Research Institute of the CSIR has developed breeds of broiler chicken, sheep and goat that have superior qualities over local and imported ones by way of disease resistance and growth rate,” he said.

Dr Ansa said the Animal Research Institute can make significant contribution to government’s rearing for food and jobs programme and help make it a great success since they have also developed a technique for sexing guinea fowl and diagnostic technology for early and rapid detection of diseases.

The Animal Research Institute can supply hybrid breeds of Sahelian and West African Dwarf sheep and goat which are bigger and more disease resistant, Dr Ansa said, pointing out that the Institute had made significant contributions into the animal stock of Ghana.

Professor Victor Kwabena Agyeman, Director-General of the CSIR who pledged his support to Dr Ansa, admonished the workers to give him some latitude to make his own decisions.

“Don’t expect him to be like his predecessor, it is not humanly possible to like everybody in this organization, but he is not here to like people,” he said urging Dr Ansa to tolerate constructive criticism.

“For those criticizing too, it is your duty to offer an alternative,” he said and affirmed his support to Dr Ansa saying “I will support you, let me know what you want to do, your challenges etc., you shall surely succeed.”