Building code presents varied options to consumers – Prof. Dodoo

With the launch of the Ghana Building Code (GhBC), consumers are presented with varied options, regarding the materials to use in various construction projects, the Director-General of Ghana Standards Authority, Professor Alex Dodoo has said.

In an interview with the Goldstreet Business at the launch of the Ghana Building Code (GhBC) in Accra on Wednesday, Professor Dodoo said, “what we have done in the code is that, you can use material which are not expensive and yet get a house which are safe at all standards and safe as any other material.”

“So now consumers literally can pick and choose; instead of iron rods, you may use bamboos where there is no need for iron rods; and instead of cement you may use Pozzolana,” he added.

He hinted that the GSA has decided to ensure that all its buildings such alternative materials.


Last two months, Professor Dodoo hinted that some 20,000 youth will be employed as the Authority would seek to collaborate with district assemblies to inspect and certify buildings under the new Building Code.

These youth will be engaged as inspection and certification officers within various district assemblies across the country. The inspection and certification of structures will cover new buildings under construction and on-going renovations on old houses. In addition, the code will set standards on the quality and durability of construction materials.

The Code is a set of rules that specify the standards for constructed objects such as building and non-building structures and which regulates the design and construction of these structures. It focuses on public health, safety and welfare of the users.

Ghana’s Building Code, GS 1207_2018 is modified from an existing International Building Code and lays down the essential requirements for building and structural conformity.

Value for Money

Speaking at the launch, the Vice President Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia emphasized that the new Ghana Building Code will bring an end to the situation where the cost of public building projects is inflated by contractors.

They will also ensure value for money by providing a yardstick against which all construction related can be measured, as well as specify the requirement need for all aspect of building construction

“This will guarantee the quality and durability of materials used in construction, building schools, hospital and all types of public construction works must use materials that are in line with the standards specified in the Ghana building codes,” Dr. Bawumia said

He mentioned that with the launch of this Code and the passing of the necessary legislations, the citizenry should have some relief from collapsing building, as well as assuring the safe public private and factory buildings.

By Joshua W. Amlanu