CityLink to stage a come back

One of the pioneering domestic airlines in Ghana that has ceased operations for years, Citylink, is planning on restarting their operations soon.

This follows constructive engagement between the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) and all dormant airlines last year.

“CTK has shown a lot of promise and they are working on restarting their operations,” Director-General of the GCAA Ing. Simon Allotey said.

The aviation industry regulator, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA), met all dormant airlines last year to ascertain the cause of their inactivity and collectively decide on a roadmap for resumption of their operations.

“We are meeting them to find out their current situation so we can work together to get them operational again,” Simon Allotey, Director-General of the GCAA, said last year.

Though there are 13 Ghanaian valid Air Operators Certificate (AOC) holders – which allows them to operate domestic and regional passenger and cargo flights – as at the end of 2018, only seven were active.

A further eight airlines which hold valid Air Carrier Licences (ACL) are working with the regulator toward attaining an AOC to enable them start their operations. However, some have stalled the process by their inability to meet stringent regulatory requirements.