Coalition for Legal Education Reforms calls for abrupt amendment of regulations ‘’Amend regulations for legal education’’ – Coalition for Legal Education Reforms

The Coalition for Legal Education Reforms is calling for a quickened reform and amendment of regulations that will assert a medium to long term strategic plan for legal education considering the proliferation of law faculties.

The coalition is calling for a rapid decentralization which will create a multi campus system when accredited and recognised faculties are permitted to provide both academic and professional training in accordance with Section 13(2) of Act 32.

Addressing a press conference in Accra yesterday, Head of the Concerned LLB (Bachelors of Law) Holders, Mr. Kenn Addo Donkor stated that the current law school should be maintained, as the Post Call law route is still available.

Donkor, is of the view that the “Ghana Legal Council (GLC) which is an administrative body created and governed by statute/Act of Parliament cannot freely impose on the country its idiosyncratic policy preferences in the matter of the production of lawyers,’’ he stated.


He stated that the coalition was deeply concerned that government has not seen it fit to put forth its own position on the policy the GLC is trying to get enacted into law.


“This government, like previous governments, have left this important public policy decision on the mode of production of lawyers and the system for the delivery of professional legal education in Ghana to the GLC, contrary to what the framers of the Legal Profession Act 1960 (Act 32) intended’’ he noted.


Donkor said the government must come out clearly with its position on the GLC’s proposed legislative instrument (L.I) for which it is looking for legislative approval to push through a policy that represents a retrogressive change in the system of professional legal education in the country.

The L.I however is expected to become law this month, February, 2018.

Mr. Kofi Bentil, legal adviser to the coalition and vice president of IMANI Ghana in an interview with Goldstreet Business called on Parliament to withdraw the regulations.

He advised that before the proposal is re-laid, it should be amended to make legal education in the country more accessible.

“The paramount practice of legal education done everywhere is that, they must allow and expand facilities for those who are qualified to take the professional law course. So we hope they do not re-lay it but rather amend it. We actually believe that in the process some reasoning will prevail and that will prevent the relaying of this proposed L.I.’’

He therefore called on the Attorney General, Gloria Akuffo to withdraw the proposed L.I.