e-Crime Bureau certifies 20 professionals as Digital Forensic Examiners

Participants of the Certified Digital Forensics Examiners (CDFE)

With Ghana’s cyberspace constantly evolving and presenting organizations with new opportunities, there is a growing desire by organizations to adopt new technologies. However, these technologies present new challenges of cyber-attacks by paving way for malicious insiders and external cybercriminals to gain unauthorized access to networks and computer systems to commit fraud.

In the light of this, e-Crime Bureau, an Accredited Training Centre (ATC) for Mile2 certification programmes, in a bid to meet the high demand for cyber forensic professionals with high level of competence and professionalism has successfully trained 20 participants to be Certified Digital Forensics Examiners (CDFE).

These professionals are expected to demonstrate high knowledge in investigating cybercrimes to establish how systems are compromised and suggest measures to avert such incidents.

Through the hands-on training acquired from a team of digital forensic experts at the e-Crime Academy, participants have been equipped with the necessary skills, tools and techniques to identify, preserve, collect, examine and present digital evidence in a forensically sound manner which will be relied upon in the court of law.

“Our analysis in Ghana has established that there is a shortage of hands-on professionals in the field of cyber security and digital forensics. Most professionals acquire certification in this domain without the required hands-on skills which present a very huge challenge on the field. The training was structured in a way to fill this gap by providing participants with hands-on activities using real world cases as well as preparing them to pass the certification exams” Gertrude Kwamin, Manager at e-Crime Academy said.

Participants were from the private and public-sector institutions, including investigators, penetration testers, security/law enforcement officers, IT administrators, IT auditors, students, forensic auditors, among others.