ECG institutes code of conduct for third party contractors

The Electricity Company of Ghana Limited (ECG) as part of its efforts to guarantee quality service to its customers, has instituted a ‘Code of Conduct’ manual for its Third Party Contractors and their staff, before and during the execution of projects.

The power provider has, over the years, engaged the services of Third Party Contractors in its service delivery especially in the construction of its electrical infrastructure, substations and networks.

The Managing Director of the ECG, MrSamuel Boakye-Appiah, during the launch in Accra said the ‘Code of Conduct’ manual is to establish and guide behavioral standards, ethics and conduct of Third Party Contractors.

‘’This manual has been designed to outline the obligations for social norms, best practices, rules and responsibilities for not just third party contractors but also organisations, individuals and staff in ensuring professionalism, integrity, objectivity, transparency and effectiveness while performing duties.’’

In that regard, Boakye said contractors must be cautious and ethical in their dealings and execution of projects, irrespective of their political affiliation.

Boakye-Appiah noted provision has been made for appropriate sanctions to be applied in the case where a third party contractor or staff’s behaviour is found to be inconsistent with the code.

‘’All project engineers and supervisors are encouraged to access the code of conduct and report any behavior that may be in breach of this code,’’ he said.

He said, to support economic growth and development of the country, third party contractors must adhere to being customer oriented, committed and observing of all high standards of conduct in their dealings.

Boakye-Appiah called on all Third Party Contractors to conform to the code of conduct and promote its observance.

By Mawuli Y. Ahorlumegah