Expedite passage of land bill – GII

The Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII) is calling on government to expedite the passage of the land bill in order to tackle the key issues including governance, tenure security, land rights and others in Ghana’s land discourse.

The bill known as Land Bill, 2018, which will regulate the acquisition and use of land in the country, is yet to be introduced to Parliament for consideration and subsequent approval into law.

The call was made at the launch of the land and corruption in Africa project, in Accra on Wednesday.

Currently, the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources through the Land Administration Project (LAP) is incorporating gender land right issues into the New Draft Land Bill to protect the interest of the vulnerable in society.

It is that expected the draft Bill will make provision for properties acquired during marriage to be registered in the joint names of the spouses. Where only one spouse is registered for such property, a provision is being made to the effect that such properties acquired during marriage are held in trust for both spouses.

land and corruption in Africa project

Speaking at the launch of the land and corruption in Africa project, a Professor at the Department of Land Economy, with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), John Tiah Bugri said, the project will contribute to improve livelihoods of both men and women of all generations adversely affected by corrupt practices in land administration and land deals.

The project intends to build capacity, improve access and control over land leverage discussions and enhance recognition of corruption issues affecting women and will also empower the citizenry to defend land tenure rights and  demand transparency and accountability from  government to end corruption in the land sector.

In addition to this, there will be an engagement with stakeholders from civil society, private sector and government on land related anti-corruption initiatives to promote land governance.