GCB’s account breached, customers funds withdrawn but Corporate Affairs Head says funds will be paid

The GCB has begun investigations into how monies were illegal withdrawn from customers accounts over the weekend.

Head of Corporate Affairs; Thyra Obuobi narrated how affected customers begun complaining of detecting withdrawals when they hadn’t issued it or directed sums to be withdrawn.

A customer stated she got text messages that her account had been debited without her doing and Madam Obuobi confirmed: “from (last) Friday we realised our ATM had been compromised so shut it to contain the situation but the system is up now and our Master and Visa card holders can now affect transactions.”

She pledged that the bank will refund monies to the affected clients after a validation process also offering an apology for the distress caused.

The Corporate Affairs assured their firewall system is being updated to repel hackers who attempt to breach the system.

Michael Eli Dokosi/goldstreetbusiness.com