Ghana, France to foster economic ties: CCI France-Ghana

The president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) France-Ghana, Mr. Celestino Alvarez Neira has stated that the ultimate objective of the organization is to support the growth of Ghanaian and French businesses by assisting and facilitating bilateral trade, investment, finance and industry activities between Ghana and France.

At the recently held 2018 Extra-Ordinary General Assembly (EGA) at the residence of the French Embassy in Ghana, Mr. Neira was elected to head the board of the CCI France-Ghana by the over seventy members of the chamber present at the assembly.

Outlining the target of the chamber under his leadership, Mr. Neira said “i would like to greatly commend the monumental work undertaken by my predecessor Mr. Patrick Prado and his team, board of directors and the executive team who laid a solid foundation for the establishment of CCI France-Ghana and the many accomplishments over the past four challenging infant years.

My election heralds 5 years of CCIFG being an influential actor in the Franco-Ghanaian business community. A cardinal component of our objectives is to support the growth of Ghanaian and French businesses.  As such, CCIFG will continue to work to give a platform to the nurturing and development of business opportunities through our local and international networks”, he emphasized.

The president added, he will develop new business support services for French and local companies and to have a significant increase of membership for a better representation of the business community in Ghana. “It is deemed quite imperative to develop partnerships with other bilateral chambers of commerce as well as key Ghanaian institutions in pursuit of the interest of CCIFG and its members”, he reiterated.

About the Chamber

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry France-Ghana is an association of companies and professionals belonging to different sectors which aims at supporting, fostering and enhancing bilateral trade and investment relations between French and Ghanaian companies. With over 20 business sectors represented, the CCIFG acts as a business support system to its members by providing information through market studies, product-market testing, prospective missions and trade shows.

Board members

Other members of the new board are Paulo Fernandes (Vice-president), Ernest Kuetche (Treasurer), Jean Paul Nassar (Vice treasurer) and François Bacci (General Secretary). The administrators are Mawuli Ababio, Frédéric Albrecht, Stéphane Daou, Eric Fanchini, Rachel Kouamé and Kwasi Tabury.