GhIS proposes condition to lift ban on galamsey

Ghana Institution of Surveyors (GhIS) has proposed conditions government should consider before the lifting of the ban on illegal small scale mining, known as galamsey.

As part of the proposal, the president of GhIS, Edwin Addo-Tawiah opined that, the source of water used in washing the minerals, as well as the direction of the flow of such water should be indicated.

At the launch of the 13th Surveyors Week and 49th annual general meeting in Accra, Addo-Tawiah stated that, “the source of water for washing the minerals mined should be determined as well as the direction of the flow should be indicated so that it could be ascertained whether or not it would flow into an existing river and contaminate the water body.”

This is to avoid the continuous pollution of water bodies by the activities of small scale mining, to protect the country’s water bodies from contamination as well as destruction to the country’s forests.

In a related development, Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) said the surest way to save Ghana from a water crisis is to sustain the fight against illegal mining.

Although some water bodies have seen a slight improvement, the company’s treatment plants are still unable to extract water from them for treatment and consumption due to the high levels of pollution, Communications Manager of the company, Stanley Martey said.

For this reason GWCL announced the rationing of water supplier in Accra, Tema and parts of the Western region.

Addo-Tawiah suggested the boundaries of every concession should be well demarcated and pillared.

The nature of the pillars should be well specified so that disputes between parties concerned reduced.

Addo-Tawiah further asked that there should be reclamation plans by interested small scale mining firms before they are awarded any concession.

By Joshua W. Amlanu


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