Jobberman Ghana has held a breakfast meeting for human resource heads and representatives of various companies in Ghana, across various industries. The theme of the event was “the science of hiring: solving Ghana’s unemployment situation” and it guided the conversation on hiring methods, best practices, challenges and the role of technology in the hiring process with the larger impact on the employment situation.

The event had in attendance the Minister of Employment and Labour Relations, represented by his deputy, Bright Wireko-Brobbey, Clemens Weitz, Group CEO, Ringier One Africa Media and Mr. Braima Dawuda, the Assistant Labour Officer of the Labour Department of Ghana.

The CEO of Jobberman Ghana, Babajide Otoki told the participants that the purpose of the event is to empower them to do more than hiring by improving the quality of job candidates and better position them for the right opportunities.

The professionals present, discussed the role of recruitment firms and talent hunters in the recruitment process, coming to the consensus that outsourced recruitment considerably cuts down the man-hours HR professionals spend finding the right talent.

It was also agreed that instead of presenting the role title and requirements to headhunters, companies should furnish them with information on their culture, work ethics and the kind of personality that will fit the role. This will mitigate the situation where candidates will fit the role on paper but are unable to function in the organisation.

Hon. Bright Wireko-Brobbey who spoke as the guest of honour expressed delight in the work Jobberman Ghana has been doing. He stressed the need for government and individuals to join hands to reduce the spate of unemployment in the country adding that government alone is unable to eradicate unemployment.

He bemoaned the lack of data on the true rate of unemployment in the country citing the large numbers in the semi-formal sector which slip through the cracks when unemployment data is being gathered. He encouraged all present to contribute their knowledge to reduce unemployment and reiterated the government’s efforts to reduce unemployment.


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