Otublohum gets development leader

Mr. Louis Yeboah Wonder Doe, CEO of Universal Wonderful Street Academy, an NGO that specializes in catering for street children in Accra, has been enstooled the Noryaa Manste (Developmental Chief) of Mantse Ankrah Royal Family of Otublohum.

The philanthropist, who succeeds Nii Adjabeng Ankrah II, goes by the stool name Nii Kwanchi II.

In his first speech after his installation, the new chief thanked the kingmakers for the honor bestowed upon him, and called for unity and mutual understanding among the citizens of Brazil house in Jamestown to fast-track the development of the traditional area.

He pledged to cooperate with the Jamestown and other stakeholders to facilitate infrastructural development, stressing that his installation would not prevent him from continuing to associate himself with the youth in Jamestown.

He was later carried shoulders-high, amidst the firing of guns and musketry, from Accra Arts Center to the Palace Square of Dadeban-Naa Otublohum. At the palace, the kingmakers poured libation and performed various rites to outdoor him.

Nii Kwanchi promised to continue keep up with the good works he was doing for the community, and asked the people to give him their support to develop the community.

Nii Kwanchi, according to records, grew up on the street. Through skills he developed in the making and playing of African drums at the Accra Arts Center, he got the opportunity to join the Pan African Orchestra.

For three years, he provided food for children suffering from autism in Accra, after which he established a project called “The Street Academy”.

The project took him to Spain, Germany, Italy, Canada and other European countries. His school, Universal Wonderful Street Academy, currently provides education for 200 children in Jamestown.

Every two weeks, he provides water to the people in the Jamestown and pays fees for many students.

Some arts and culture industry players, such as Dela Boutri, Sherifa Gunu, Ras Kuuku, Nii Funny, Afri Danish band, and other great personalities were present to support Nii Kwanchi II.