Samsung QLED… an unfailing promise to viewers

Samsung 2019 QLED available in 4k and 8k

With the Samsung Television brand dominating the global TV market for 14 consecutive years, especially in TVs with size over 75-inch and premium line-up, one thing for sure is a promise delivery by Samsung which seems to win client and viewer confidence.

Indeed, one interesting brand among the array of TV products which has further deepened the resolve by Samsung to continuously keep its promise of viewing excellence to clients and viewers globally, is the Samsung QLED.

After the QLED was introduced to the world three years ago, it has been continuously improved through the addition of advanced cutting-edge technologies. Most recently it was launched with an incredible 8K resolution (resolution with a width of approximately 8000 pixels).

The innovation has been enhancing the lifestyle of patrons and clients with true AI experiences. By comparison, over the same period, other TVs have only changed in appearance, with no significant improvement in functionality.

As a fact, one brand of QLED has been chosen by many more people in the world than the total number of other brands of OLED TVs.

The Samsung QLED is not only the best in terms of sales, but it is also the best TV according to the industry’s most trusted reviewers and awards as Tech radar, what hi fi?, stuff, expert reviews, trusted reviews, AVS Forum among other tech raters, have all given a 5-star rating to the product.

Three notable reasons to choose Samsung QLED includes the experience of ultimate detail and depth in viewing quality, fast access and easy control, and Samsung’s unique Ambient Mode transforming the black screen into a beautiful and useful lifestyle screen, analyzing the viewer’s walls and displaying complementary images, with the possibility of adjusting the brightness to suit the room conditions means that the Samsung QLED TV is indeed  designed for your home.