Special VISA to be introduced for Year of Return

Participants at the Pan-African Student Summit

To further enhance the ease with which the diaspora to participate in the ‘Year of Return, Ghana 2019’, the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) has initiated processes to issue special VISAs.

This was made known by the CEO of the GTA, Akwasi Agyeman at the Year of Return, Ghana 2019 – Pan African Student Summit in Accra, on Wednesday.

Agyeman said, “We worked-out a special arrangement with the Ghana Immigration Service under the Ministry of Interior, where people can get the special VISA on arrival at the airport.”

The CEO noted that this should speed-up the process for a lot of travelers and also enable the Authority to gather the necessary data on travelers.

“Since once a person apply for the special VISA on arrival, we will know that truly you are coming for the Year of Return and nothing else,” he noted.

Pan-African Student Summit 

As part of the Year of Return, a two Day Pan-African Student Summit both at the University of Ghana (UG) and the University of Cape Coast (UCC- July 2019).

The Summit builds upon the 3GC-TCU annual Pan African Student Forums held at UG and UCC since 2014 with other campus Pan African student organizations.

The two day Pan African Student Summit engages university students of African descent from the Diaspora with Ghanaian university students to participate in critical discourse and think tanks on essential topics toward the liberation of all African people around the world: identity and social issues, economics and entrepreneurial possibilities, education, and global health and wellness.

The Pan African Student Summit also includes a collaborative service learning day at Echoing Hills School with Summit participants, 3GC and TCU, CA Study Abroad, Antique Lemonade, African American Association of Ghana (AAAG) and Caribbean Association of Ghana. The Summit includes a keynote speaker, panel discussions, think tanks, networking sessions, entertainment, and among others.

The Pan African Student Summit will lay the foundation for the future Pan-African Student/Youth Conference in Ghana in collaboration with major Pan African Student organizations at both the University of Ghana (International Pan-African Youth Organization) and the University of Cape Coast (ASEG: African Students and Empowerment Group and Africana Conference) to foster network and partnership development between student change makers and budding Pan-Africanist in both the Diaspora and the Continent.

By Joshua W. Amlanu