TECHAiDE resolves to deepen IT education in Ghana

...hosts 3rd Annual Impact Education Conference in Accra

FJ Cava, Chief Operations Officer of TECHAiDE (middle), with other speakers at the conference

TECHAiDE, a technological social enterprise, which specializes in the design, development and deployment of rugged computing systems has disclosed that it is ready to train young people in Ghana, particularly school children to prepare for a future in Information Communication Technology (ICT).

TECHAiDE’s Chief Operations Officer, FJ Cava addressing participants at the 3rd Annual Impact Education Conference 2019 in Accra, said, “the world is going IT, it is imperative to prepare the younger generation for robotics, computer programming, IT technician careers among others.”

FJ Cava noted that while maximum emphasis is placed on the learning of IT, a key factor to consider is how ICT teachers are equipped with knowledge to be able to teach school children to understand the various lessons.

“This is what this year’s conference is all about; bringing IT teachers and proprietors of schools, both private and public, NGOs, private and public companies  and funding agencies to focus on IT training that captures the future,” he noted.

FJ Cava further said, the current and upcoming generation of Ghanaians do not have a choice but to, as a matter of urgency, prepare to embrace IT. “That is where the world is heading and nobody must be left behind” he implored.

TECHAiDE in collaboration with Friends of Yamoransa Foundation (FYF), & Helping Africa Foundation (HAF) both United States based non-profit organizations and Tripplesea, hosted 150 participants at the conference.

A session of participants at the conference

Participants include proprietors of private schools, heads of public schools, distinguished NGOs, private companies, government entities as well as funding agencies who shared experiences with answers provided to questions on technological issues in education.

The event format centred on breakout sessions and panel discussions that focused on, “IT Training that Captures the Future.”

According to TECHAiDE, the objective of the Impact Education Conference every year, is to bring together key stakeholders within the Ghana Educational sector to discuss, debate, share and educate about what each other is doing, achieving and learning in order to make education in Ghana more responsive, and better equipped to handle the challenges of the 21st century.