Drone and mahogany stool to feature at Dr. Thomas Mensah’s book launch at Manhyia

History and tradition affirm that the Ashanti Golden Stool descended and landed from the sky and was the force behind uniting the Ashantis and the establishment of one of the most powerful kingdoms in Ghana and West Africa. The kingdom extended even beyond the borders of Ghana.

“The Right Stuff Comes in Black Too” The New African Edition Book authored by Dr. Thomas Owusu Mensah is to be launched at Manhyia Palace, this year, under the chairmanship of His Majesty Otumfuo Osei Tutu II.

The foreword of the book was written and signed by Otumfuo himself who is the Chancellor of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology; the alma matter of Dr. Thomas Mensah, the author. His autobiography details his work in Fiber Optics and his journey from Kumasi where he was born to Wesley College Practice School, Adisadel College, KNUST, Montpelier University in France and to MIT in the United States.

Before the book launch, a Mahogany Wooden Stool will house the book and will be delivered by a drone from the sky to land on the grounds at Manhyia. The symbolism cannot be missed since the content of the book represents a road map for development and modernization of not only Kumasi but Ghana as a whole preparing it for the 21st century.

This book chronicles the life of Dr. Thomas Mensah as an Innovator and Co-Inventor of Fiber Optics and Worldwide Nanotechnology Expert, who was educated in Ghana and overseas in some of the world’s leading universities, notably; Montpelier in France and MIT in the United States. He received industrial training at Corning Glass Works and AT&T Bell Laboratories in America, both recognized as two of the top leading research laboratories in the world. The book also discusses many of the awards and honors bestowed upon him, including the recent Guba Awards in the United States (picks it in September), the Kwame Nkrumah African Genius Award in Accra, the World Nanotechnology Conference Award in Dubai, Induction as Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors USA, Percy Julian Award in the USA, AIChE 100 and the Trumpet Award among others.

The creation and set up of the Silicon Valley of Ghana by him at the Kofi Annan ICT Center is also discussed. The African Edition displays pictures of him and American Presidents, as well as African Heads of States.

This book discusses Developments and Industrialization in a way that will help Ghana achieve 90% of its SDG or sustainable Development Goals in a short time frame. He discusses the 100 Day Agenda for the Development and Modernization of Ghana; an important document he has developed for Ghana and the current Government.