NPP, NDC warned as A-Plus’ TPP mobilises 1 million votes and kicks against ex gratia payment

Music man and entertainer A-Plus

In the wake of the two Canadian ladies being kidnapped in the Ashanti Region and rescued by the Ghanaian security forces with their international collaborators, one name emerged strongly.

Seidu Mba, a keen Asante Kotoko supporter has both the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) accusing each other of Mba being a party agent of their rivals.

It is Seidu Mba’s supposed links to the two dominant parties in the country that activist, rapper and tech enthusiast Kwame Asare Obeng alias A-Plus finds unacceptable submitting “the biggest problem Ghana has is NPP and NDC.”

On ‘Bo Me Nkomo’ hosted by talk show host, Kwaku Sintim-Misa alias ‘KSM’, A-Plus who ahead of the 2016 vigorously campaigned for incumbent NPP government but soon became disillusioned with the Akufo-Addo regime held that the power of both the NDC and NPP must be contained.


To that end he together with like-minded persons have formed The People’s Project (TPP) to make demands of both parties who seek to win power and govern the good people of this country.

“If people are disillusioned with the NPP, the other choice is NDC but what are they coming to do different. Both have proven they have the same mother,” A-Plus remarked.

The founder of The People’s Project (TPP) stated the bloc is garnering to mobilise 1 million people noting “with Ghana’s election, if you take 500,000 votes, it will send the election to a second run.”

He further said in the 2016 election, President Akufo-Addo had over 900,000 votes over rival John Mahama showing if another candidate say PPP’s Paa Kwesi Ndoum garnered 600,000 votes, the election would have gone to the second round.

A-Plus served notice that ahead of an election year, demands would be made of both the NPP and NDC clarifying that the TPP was not a political party but rather a pressure group made up of people forming a political bloc which can make demands on the NDC and NPP that “……..who desires to win the election must come up with a 20 year developmental plan for Ghana.”

Given the issues and controversies which have faced US president Donald Trump and UK’s Theresa May, if their states did not have a developmental plan, the two countries would have collapsed Mr. Kwame Asare Obeng reckoned adding “Irrespective of the actors, the state survives. Ghana has no plan, NDC starts a project, when the party loses power, the project gets abandoned by the NPP because NDC officials took all the kickbacks and the NPP folks won’t get any. NDC runs Senior Secondary schooling for three years, NPP does it for four. NDC labels the seat of government the Flagstaff House while the NPP names it Golden Jubilee House.”

In the face of the inconsistency and pettiness, A-Plus is convinced Ghana needs a real plan not the vision 2020 kind which expires in a year’s time.

We are demanding for a plan which will be sent to parliament and will take a certain majority to change portions. The 1 million bloc will deliberate with the NPP and NDC that anyone which will meet their national demands is assured of 1 million votes,” the “Mesuro Mpo Na Merekeka Yi O” songs man uttered.

It emerged the ‘People Rally’ will have both NDC and NPP executives at the Independence Square before Ghanaians giving them the platform and opportunity to submit how they will come up with the 20 year Developmental Plan and how to actualise it with the man who released the ‘Freedom of Speech’ album before the 2000 elections in Ghana saying it would not be another Institute Of Economic Affairs, Ghana debate.

The ‘Freedom of Speech II’ renderer held that even as at 1844 when the colonial merchants sought items from the coast, the chiefs of that time had the presence of mind to enter a pact which is the Bond of 1844, but now he continues “anyone rises and says I will give you one junction-one bola (waste), one junction-one wele (animal hide) wins and never returns; ….. promises one village-one dam, one village-one pothole.”

The man who released ‘Agye Gon’ – analysing the 2004 campaign promises reckoned “once we have a third force, the NDC and NPP would be held accountable. We don’t want ex-gratia payment in this state. Fathers, ancestors worked hard some for thirty-five years, forty years only to take little pension home.”

With parliamentarians claiming they want to serve, A-Plus found it outrageous that in their first term get loan of US$100,000. “A teacher works for 20years but hardly gets that sum. The parliamentarian after four years says work given me done; starts another tenure when wins reelection. In 2012, government paid GHc34 million to parliamentarians as ex gratia. Those who lost their seats got 3 billion cedis (GHc300000.00), for those who retained their seats got 2.7 billion cedis (270000.00). If 2014 they received 44 billion cedis and in 2016 even there was no increment that’s 88 million cedis yet we are told there’s limited fund here. Ideally every Ghanaian child should be given GHc50.00 every week because there’s enough to spread around given the wastage,” he indicated.

“We are in a new Ghana; we are ending the era where people take ex-gratia. We are ending the era where people campaign and go and it ends there,” he rounded up.

But demonstrating deeds and not mere words, TPP has commissioned a mechanised borehole on June 22 for residents of Ablekuma in the Greater-Accra region who found it difficult to access potable water.

Beneficiary communities include Achiaman, Abehenease, Oduman, Ablekuma CP, Ablekuma Junction, Agape and Race Course.

By Michael Eli Dokosi/