US Ambassador commends Krif Foundation’s good governance initiative

The United State Ambassador to Ghana, Robert Jackson has complimented Krif Ghana Limited over the company’s Good Corporate Governance Initiative (GCGI) which aims at promoting good corporate governance in Ghana.

Jackson made the commendation during a recent visit to his office at the American Embassy in Cantonments, Accra by executives of the Krif Foundation, the arm of Krif Ghana Limited that is directly charged with implementing the company’s good corporate governance initiatives.

Recalling the successful launch of the GCGI last year, the US envoy said the several round-table discussions which the event spun off as well as the subsequent anti-corruption week that held last December all played critical roles in setting an anti-corruption agenda for Ghana. He, therefore, pledged support for the work of the foundation.

“Congratulations to Krif Foundation for the good work you did last year. We will look into your anti-corruption week activities this year and give you (our) support on ideas and collaboration.

It is important to continue pursuing this message because NCCE has been more engaged but I believe that the auditor general’s report will stimulate public discussion which will generate the necessary reaction,” Jackson stated, and commended the present Ghanaian government both for creating the office of the special persecutor and the appointment of Martin Amidu into that office.

He was confident that with the twin development, “we will see actual work being done,” but cautioned that “the right strategy” must be applied.

“I am confident we will see actual work being done. The more hands on board, the better; because once the objective is the same, we all will work together to make an impact,” he stressed.

In turn, the Executive Chairman of Krif Foundation, Rev. Kennedy Okosun shared with the American envoy  the Foundation’s tentative programme for 2018, which includes students’ roundtable discussion, anti-corruption in local governance; power of the pen roundtable with the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA); legal incentives for corporate integrity with Ghana Bar Association (GBA), role of gender in corporate governance; anti-corruption in the infrastructure sector, anti-corruption in the procurement process; and,  launch of the Ephraim Amu Award to reward corporate entities that meet a set list of 49 practices required by the Good Corporate Governance Initiative, among others.

“I call for collaboration of genuinely concerned corporate organizations and institutions to sign up to the Integrity Initiative Commitment, IIC, to promote good corporate governance practices. Our objective is positive social transformation: transformation of 27 million Ghanaians by transforming the corporate entities that play key roles in our geo-political environment as well as our socio-economic sphere,” Okosun stated.


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