African countries have the most expensive mobile data plans

African countries have the most expensive mobile data plans across the world, both in real and income terms, according to a report by Ecobank Research, a research arm of the pan-African bank.

The report titled, “The high cost of mobile data in Sub-Saharan Africa,” revealed that 1 gigabyte (1GB), cost less than US$4 in the cheapest regions while the same cost as much as US$20 to US$35 in others.

The report also found that a higher number of mobile network operators (MNOs) in a country often meant that data was relatively cheaper than in countries with less number of MNOs.

Here’s how much it’s costs to buy 1GB (Countries with the cheapest mobile data)

  1. Mozambique – US$2.08
  2. Guinea – US$2.21
  3. Rwanda – US$2.33
  4. Zambia – US$2.76
  5. Nigeria – US$2.76
  6. Kenya – US$3.35
  7. Niger – US$3.52
  8. Ghana – US$3.63
  9. Burundi – US$3.87
  10. Senegal – US$3.99

Ecobank researchers noted that African governments and regulators have a key responsibility to develop policies and regulations that drive down mobile data prices.

By doing this, the pan-African bank suggested:

  1. A reduction in fees charged for new mobile licenses to have new entrants
  2. An introduction of reasonable taxes on data usage which will grow as their citizens become more connected
  3. Competition should also be incentivized, especially in countries with only two or three MNOs and among others.

Source: Aderemi Ojekunle