Apply technological skills to maximize your potential – NYA CEO to Youth

Chief Executive Officer of the National Youth Authority (NYA) Emmanuel Asigri has asked Ghanaian youth to apply technological skills in their daily business dealings as that will ultimately maximize their potential into higher heights of development.

Asigri said Ghana has never experienced a period like now where 57 percent of its population is under 25 years in an era that the world is slowly going through severe, rapid and global technological change.

“I stressed on this demographic because it has serious and severe implications on where government places its focus and what developmental questions must be asked,” he said in an interview with Goldstreet Business.

Asigri said that he was elated that his outfit has been authorized to manage the creative energies of the young people and potentially put them out of unemployment.

We have this challenge before us which is the application of technology and I am happy that we have rolled out the Online/Digital Marketing Entrepreneurship Programme that will bring various opportunities and skills development to the youth of the country.’’

He noted that technology does not only maximize potential but also makes things easier and accessible.

‘’It cuts distance into seconds, cramps books and information into your pocket, finish tedious work in timely fashion, and equips people with skills through internet cables and straight into their homes,” he added.

By Mawuli Yao Ahorlumegah


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