First Augmented Reality marketing app introduced

PBG Tenda has introduced West Africa’s first Augmented Reality (AR) software application, Point & Play that showcases innovative marketing and advertising opportunities to Ghanaian business.

The Point & Play app which is steered by AR technology has the ability to integrate digital data into a real-time experience that creates marketing opportunities.

AR Marketing, however takes the available digital data and creates an integrated 3-D image of a product which also allows consumers to experience products up close and personal.

Derrick Amaning, managing partner and co-founder at PBG Tenda speaking at the launch in Accra said the Point and Play app is a Ghanaian developed app that utilizes AR technology to market businesses.

He noted that with new technology and the incorporation of apps in almost every aspect of our lives, AR is advancing and expanding into higher innovations.

‘’Today, there are different ways AR is utilized and that can be seen through sports, gaming, architecture, medicine, education and our goal is to provide Ghanaian businesses with access to current and future marketing tools so with the introduction of our Point & Play app, AR will serve as the tool for creativity and innovation of Ghanaian businesses.’’

Amaning said the time span of people are gradually fading away and media platforms such as print, radio, cinema, mobile and smartphones will soon be revolutionized by AR.

AR technology is set to have 2 billion users by 2020.

Expanding on the benefits of the app as a business marketing tool, Nana Arthur-Mensah, Marketing Consultant and a co-founder of PBG Tenda said it will increase brand exposure and relevance, create more value in print media, offer competition on the market and capitalize on consumer interaction.

The Point & Play app is designed for Android and IOS phone users and available for free download on May 1, 2018.

By Mawuli Y. Ahorlumegah


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